Friday, October 4, 2013

Jacob has some great advice for the city...

"Get out of the way."   That is Jacob Billingsley's advice to the city.  As a successful businessman in this city for a number of years, he has a vision of what he and others can do in this town if the city would just step back and let him do something different, new, and vibrant for the downtown area.  I talked with Jacob this afternoon at Gringo's, his two story (loosely) Mexican restaurant on Camperdown Way and he shared his thoughts about coming to the south, opening several restaurants, and his next project, a music venue in the downtown area.  I also spoke with some of the people who work for him and some of his friends about where he is in the "tribe" of people around here who are wanting to do more in Greenville, the Upstate, and the south.  Jacob is definitely one to watch.

We launch on Sunday, October 6th and our talk with Jacob is going to be the first article.  We are going to do a lot of talking, but moreover, we are going to do a lot of listening and telling you about things that are going on around here.  So keep following.

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