Women's Weekend in the Woods

 We are creating something.  A couple of days for women to get out of the city.
...to commune with nature.
...to meet other women.
...to learn
...to teach
...to grow
Meet local entrepeneurs, teachers, creators, artists, and more.

During the day, we will enjoy speeches and classes about things that interest us all...
Women of all ages, all walks of life.

In the evening, great food and bonding and camping.

This is an event of peace.  This is a retreat.

Join us at City in the Woods, just north of Tigerville, SC in this community of learning and growth on the weekend of April 5th and 6th
 April 5, 6th the women of the upstate and points further  will be gathering at our new location on Paris Mountain for a weekend of living, learning and entertainment.  
There will be vendors from local businesses
Speakers discussing numerous topics from health and wellness, to finance, and more.
That is during the day... In the evening, there will be wine tastings, performances by local comediennes and musicians, and yet and still more.
Bring friends or make friends.  We are close to both Greenville and Travelers Rest, so spend the night in town or enjoy some "glamping" with the ladies on the mountain.
We are committed to using this space and making it a place for memories.  We guarantee this weekend will challenge, entertain, and inspire!

Events...(this event is ever growing so keep checking back)
Topical gatherings
Women in Business
Women in Visual Art
Women in Music
Women in Writing
Women in the Military
Women in Politics
Women in Education
Women in the Future
Women in Faith

A.M. events 
Zip line and confidence course
Firearms safety class
Two mile property hike.

Friday and Saturday, p.m. MUSIC!
Ladies take the stage (musical performances by local women singers and songwriters.)
Friday April 4... Kelly Jo
late night with MAGZ djing...
Saturday, April 5.Leah Nycole Edwards
late night with Tracy DjScarlett Penland

Saturday p.m. Food and Bevs!
Cocktails from 6 p.m. til Midnight 
Group wine tasting at 5 p.m.

If you are a citizen of the City in the Woods, the cost is $60

If you are not (Why not!) the cost is $120.
Ladies 13 and under get in free (though some events and activities are 18+ or 21+)




  1. I'm just learning about all of this today. I will become a member and I will not miss another event. This is the kind of thing that I've been looking for.

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