Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Dream house, dream world?

When you are looking to build a house, it is almost intuitive that you look around at other homes being built.  You begin to subconsciously look at what the Jones' are doing and how.  The house pictured is being completed in my neighborhood and all I can think about what I would take from it, is the the garage.  
Unless 50 more people were going to move in with me, there is no way that I would ever own this home.  
Then I thought about what a house was supposed to "say" about you.  This house screams that someone was so successful that they can afford to live in this home and they want people to know that.  It cannot be comfortable.  The bathroom has to be very far from the bedroom and that means a long stroll in the middle of the night or likely there is a bathroom in the master bedroom...a huge one.  Likely there is a bed in that bedroom.  Likely there is a sofa in there also.  So we have sofa, bed, bathroom.  If you throw in a small kitchenette, it would be a great apartment.
What does a home say about you.  I like to believe that my house would say about me that I have finally got it together, whatever "it" was.  The other 15,000 sq. ft. are superfluous.  You could fit everything I need and own would fit in the garage and I would not even need the drive way because I do not own a car.  

I am not going to get into the carbon footprint of this whole thing or even the overall moral implications that went into a home that large.  For that matter, I am not even sure if it is bought or not but  I would like to have the garage and you can haul off the rest so that I could use the rest as a yard and garden, maybe to play touch football. I don't judge this person for what they do with their money it is THEIR money and this is America, Dammit!

Still...give me a tiny home...

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